Your registration on the Pool List can be cancelled either automatically or by a decision of the management committee.

Automatic cancellation

The registration is cancelled automatically when:

  • you do not report to the Seafarers department of the NSSO after a period of suspension, or
  • you have submitted your resignation to the Seafarers department of the NSSO in writing.

Cancellation by the management committee

The management committee can cancel the registration in case of:

  • physical or mental inability to do the job;
  • reasons of behaviour: misbehaviour, refusal to accept a suitable position, refusal to go through job training, failure to comply with job duties or the employment contract; or
  • lack of employment in merchant shipping: lack of employment which is not related to market conditions over a period of 26 weeks, or having been employed less than 90 days in merchant shipping during the past 365 days.