When you are no longer working as a seafarer, your registration on the Pool List may be temporarily suspended.

Automatic suspension

Your registration on the Pool List may be suspended automatically. This occurs:

  • during the time you comply with military service obligations,
  • during the time you serve time in prison, and
  • during the time you are repatriated when your employment contract with a shipowner abroad has ended.

If you do not register with the Pool in the following situations, your registration may be suspended for a maximum period of 15 days:

  1. at the end of your employment contract with a shipowner,
  2. during a period of inactivity which does not entitle you to benefit under the relevant agreement,
  3. when you are unable to work for a reason other than:
    • a work accident,
    • an accident on the way to or from work, or
    • an accident or illness for which you are receiving sick pay according to the applicable laws, decrees and regulations,
  4. when your work has been interrupted and you are not entitled to paid holidays or overtime, and
  5. when you are unemployed but do not sign on at the job centre.

Suspension by a decision of the management committee

It is also possible to apply for temporary suspension yourself.

The management committee can suspend your registration on the Pool List temporarily to allow you to enrol for technical training without being entitled to a tideover allowance, or to deal with family matters.

The management committee can also grant suspension for any reason considered acceptable, on condition that this does not result in a shortage of workers.

Finally, the management committee can grant the suspension to allow you to travel under the EU flag.